Bike Delivery

It’s easy, to rent a bike in Istria using our Bike Delivery Service. Place an order and will quickly deliver the bikes and equipment directly to your accommodation wherever you stay in Istria and surroundings. Fast and cheap, saves your time and money!

We have 4 zones of delivery (A, B, C, D) regarding the distance from our shop. The greater is the rental amount, the less you pay the transfer, or even completely free of charge!

Bike delivery outside Istria region on request.

Amount / ZoneABCD
375kn (50€)+free150kn / 20€300kn / 40€n/a
750kn (100€)+freefree150kn / 20€300kn / 40€
1500kn (200€)+freefreefree150kn / 20€
3000kn (400€)+freefreefreefree

Minimum order for delivery 375kn