Rent a bike in Istria

Cycling is a great choice for discovering Istria and its beautiful nature in an active way. Rent a bike and all the natural landmarks of our unique region are going to be within your reach. We have all the bikes you may wish: Mountain, City, Hybrid, Touring, Road, Electric and Kids bikes, plus a great choice of useful biking equipment for every need and situation. To rent bikes simply contact us. We will help choosing the ideal bikes and equipment for you, and will deliver them directly to your place! If you are going for a larger tour in Istria we will gladly help you in planning it, suggest routes and places to visit, and will arrange transfers, technical support and luggage transfers.

Rent a bike in Medulin

Medulin offers a very nice and easy coastal trail suitable for easy riders and families with children. The East coast near Ližnjan and Šišan has many MTB trails with great views and places for swimming as well. On the West coast you will find Premantura and it’s stunning Park of Nature Kamenjak with great rocky and pebble beaches, dinosaur footprints in the rocks and protected endemic flowers from the orchid family. Don’t forget to ask us a free local bike map and some good tips on where to go. Looking forward meeting you in our shop in Medulin!

Rent a bike in Pula

Renting a bike is a great solution to explore the city and suroundings. 3000 years old Pula has a lot to show: history from the Roman era onwards, the amphitheater, old city, fortress, a beautiful green market, and many great beaches around the city. Brijuni islands are within your reach and definitely worth seeing, as well as Fažana, Banjole, Premantura, Cape Kamenjak and the other places surrounding Pula. Contact us, we deliver bikes in Pula area directly to your place.

Rent a bike in Rovinj

Rovinj is one of the most beautiful and romantic Mediterranean places. The old city is an architecture gem from the ancient times with a fascinating view on the sea from the church of St. Eufemia, and many small tiny streets full of life, with picturesque restaurants, bars, art shops and bazaars. Around Rovinj there are many interesting bike trails to explore, from very easy coastal ones suitable for families, to more technical off road trails for more experienced cyclists. Pick your favorite bike on our website and order a quick delivery to your place in Rovinj and surroundings.

Rent a bike in Poreč

2000 years old Poreč, the second city in Istria by size, is a town of tourism, culture, sports and leisure. Beside the famous Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Poreč shows many remains from the ancient times as stone streets, squares, temples and buildings. Poreč and surroundings offer great possibilities for cycling, from easy coastal rides to off road and tematic trails as hystorical, wine and gourmet, nature etc. To rent your favourite bike simply contact us and we will deliver it straight to your place.